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J. Adam Calaway

3 responses to “Contact me

  1. I LOVE all your posts! Watoto posted your blog on their FB page, presumably you already knew that.
    I’m going to Serve with Watoto in July and am so excited! I feel like your blog is a movie trailer for my experience, at least so far. Our stories are about to come to a fork however since I’ll be working with the Mum’s. Giving them encouragement and just loving up on them! Our group will also be building a house, playing with the kids and dedicating the church at the Gulu location. I think it’s awesome that you are helping them be more self sufficient. So important for them!
    Enjoy your trip! I’ll be praying for you in NC!

  2. I have lived in Kampala all my life and I have never found a better definition of our traffic than the one detailed in your bit about the traffic Quite funny. LOL, specifically at the part where you mention our equivalent of the US grid syatem as a spider’s web over another spider’s web.

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