Uganda or bust

Everything I know about Africa comes from two sources: “Feed the children” commercials and the 1982 Toto song. (Sing it with me: I bless the rains down in Africa.)

Not what you’d call a deep well of knowledge.

When I assemble all the images I have of Africa, they are a mishmash of pain and poverty, exotic animals and potential dangers.

In my mind, I see endless deserts and dense jungles. I see zoo animals: elephants, crocodiles and lions. Oh, don’t forget the giraffes. I like giraffes.

I see flashes of angry men with AK-47s, fighting bloody wars in unstable lands. I see starvation, disease and suffering children.

I see a place I never desired to go, which is funny considering I’ll be there in five days.

I’ve spent a lifetime focused on my personal pursuits. Now I find myself called – divinely called – to visit Uganda, a place which seems as real as Atlantis. But I’m going because the Lord has ordered my path and this is the next step in my journey.

For months, I’ve heard the Lord’s gentle whisper in my spirit – soft and inviting. I hear it in the stillness. Come and see. Come and be changed. Come. It is time.

If that seems too abstract for you, then listen to the Toto song: hurry boy, its waiting there for you.

What’s waiting for me? What do I need to see? Why does every person who ventures to Africa return forever changed? I must know.

So this is my step of faith.

In the following posts, I’ll recap how exactly all this happened and the process one undergoes to prepare for such a trip.

7 responses to “Uganda or bust

  1. Dear Adam:
    Go and go bold. As your old friend, I will be following on your step, virtually!

  2. Adam, your trip,story of Timmy, and listening to God. It reminds me of the story in acts of the Ethiopian. When Phillip asked if he knew what he read and he answered “How can I except some man should guide me?” You are being blessed with a unique opportunity. To pread the gospel. The Spirit told Pillip to go and he ran.

  3. I absolutely love that you have given you picture “before” visiting! Cannot wait to see what you write at the end of your visit…

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